GIRLS IN TECH? The newest hope of world!

For each of you, who has thousands of desires, there are thousands of opportunities! If technology is the newest trend in the world today, girls in technology are even more trendy! We are born and grow up living within the frames the world has today, but we can break the frames, get beyond the tires and touch new horizons!

Did you hear that today being a Programmer, Project Manager or Business Analyst is one of the most sought-after occupations?

YES, and you can be one! It’s enough to believe! It’s enough to believe and want to make big things!

If you want to become part of the progress, it is not enough just to follow it from the outside, you must be an active part of progress, an active part of initiatives, above all an active part of learning new things. It’s not enough just to be good girls and good students, that’s not all! It’s no excuse if our schools don’t teach us everything, today there are hundreds of online platforms where we can get started.

Most importantly, is that just like you are looking to do something different, there are hundreds of others you can join in, because we all want to do something! Do not be afraid and do not stop because of being a little girl, because of coming from a small town, or because they tell you cannot! Follow the trend, if with technology everything is possible, the same with you everything is possible!

Get yourself involved and good luck! 😊


– Joana  Osmenaj

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